#SpotiFriday: Our favorite @Spotify Playlists of the Week

It’s time to get excited for another edition of  #SpotiFriday. I’m amped to let yall know that this idea is catching on and you can expect  more dope, hand-picked playlists.

I’ve been speaking behind the scenes with some good folks who are interested in getting more involved with #SpotiFridays and will be submitting some special playlists, which we’ll have the privledge of world  premiering. 

For now, as it’s been for the last two weeks, I’ve been combing through Spotify to find these lists on my own. By getting some  The goal is to ask some respected folks to come up with a concept and put together their own hand-crafted, highly-conceptualized list. 

Bling Like The Neptune Sound by Yours Truly

On Skateboard P’s 40th bornday, I was going to throw together a list of the dopest Phar-real/Neptune beats, but found that shit to be way overwhelming. What I did instead was gave yall the blueprint to slap together your own 40 joints, and put together this list of 250+ of the Neptunes finest.

Flute Loops by Thomas Michael Chavarria

Micro-segmenting hip-hop’s ocean of sampled material into samples by artist, or album or label is cool, but how about instrument? That’s exactly what this is. All the samples from these selected cuts are based around one sound. LET THE FLUTES BREATHE.

…. feat. Devin The Dude by Brad McCormick

Just as the title states.. 70 tracks of Devin. From dope Devin features, to rare(r) verses, and mixtape cuts, this mix has everything you need.

Dr. Dre in 125 Beats | A Career Chronology by Saul van Staple

Brought to you by our sponsors #SpotiFriday Playlists By Dre.

…and all the pieces matter, Five Years of Music From The Wire by The Wire

We did it for Entourage. We did it for Breaking Bad. Now comes the grand-daddy of all TV Shows. The Wire. Not as extensive of a collection as I had hoped at only 35 songs, but as an addendum, I’m including Beyond Hamsterdam, Baltimore Tracks from The Wire.