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@THE_ICs: R.I.P Killa Sha-good rapper and good sport



RADIOHEAD: “Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out”

Brand new weekly segment profiling some of my weekly favorite programs. This week i’ve featured three dont-miss shows that aired this past week exlusive for  the internets (c) -@DPZ4REEZY


The Emilio Sparks Experience – The Waka Elliott Episode with Elliott Wilson

Emilio Sparks sits down for an intimate discussion with Hip Hop journalism pioneer Elliott Wilson. You NEED to listen to this!

In case your head is up your ass, YN is the former Editor-in-Chief of XXL Magazine, co-owner of, and current Editor-in-Chief of Respect Magazine. In short, Elliott is a Hip Hop Yoda! Learn with us young padawans!

Hype Men Episode 16 ft. Nick Catchdubbs

Fool’s Gold Records honcho / DJ / hip-hop historian Nick Catchdubs joins the Hype Men to discuss + who rapped over the Cheers theme song + going from graphic design jobs to interviewing Snoop Dogg on set of a Dylan McDermott movie + the return of the early 2000’s + what happened to the white girl from the Missy Elliott videos + the best DJ drops + why Kid Sister’s Family Reunion didn’t work + working with Kid Cudi and Wale + J.Cole’s logo + more!

Combat Jack Show 12-3-10 (Noah Callahan-Bever)

Fresh off of the Misgiving Thanksgiving holiday, PNC Radio is back and in full effect. Special guest Editor In Chief of Complex Magazine, Noah Callahan-Bever stopped by the show for a rare up-close and personal interview. N_C_B discusses his early beginnings as a journalist, print media, the evolving of Complex Magazine as well as his recent illness (which he overcame). Of course Combat and Dallas take me to trial as to why the station was on hiatus hence no “Black Friday Edition” for the show, lol! All that and much much more. You know the drill….


Internets Celebrities: A Fare Slice (I.C. NYC Episode 3)

"In 1980, New Yorker Eric Bram noticed that for twenty years the price of a subway token had tended to match the price of a slice of pizza. Thirty years later, his hypothesis still holds true. The question we wanted answered is WHY. Are the MTA and the various supposedly independent pizza shops involved in collusion - or who’s taking their pricing cues from who? And what about the dollar pizza spots that have been popping up all over Manhattan recently — could these be predicting a lower cost transit authority appearing in our future?"

EPISODE 1: Waters | EPISODE 2: Enter The Rabbit


Internets Celebrities: Mofongo (I.C. NYC Episode 4)

"The Internets Celebrities head to Corona, Queens to eat Mofongo, investigate Mofongo’s origins and say the word Mofongo many, many times."

EPISODE 1: Waters | EPISODE 2: Enter The Rabbit | EPISODE 3: A Fare Slice