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The Madbury Club: Watching The Throne


IT WAS WRITTEN | The Madbury Club - All Hail Wayne | Written by Hyun Kim

No way. Those numbers can’t be right. It leaked. It sucks. Baby must’ve bought all of them. Sacrebleu!

One million. OK fine, 946,000. Tha Carter IV did what no rap album should dare to do, topple Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne. Toppled is actually too soft of a word to describe its accomplishment. It beheaded the two-headed monster that seemed defiantly secure in its place atop rap’s royalty. The fact that both albums made history in the same month should mean hip hop hooray, right? WTT managed to not leak in today’s highly porous times and it broke iTunes first week sales records with 290,000 downloads. The album came out only a month ago. Total first week ended at 436,000.  (read more…)


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